Peacemaker bus used for recruitment of drug fueled Phish followers

They like their women subservient, their homosexuals closeted and their children kept in line via strict corporal punishment.
8/26/09 Keep your children away.  They like little girls for production and boys for slave labor.
8/4/2010 So we get on the bus, and I get some really good hot cocoa and they clean my lip.  To be honest, it’s all kind of a blur.  What I do remember is grabbing a backseat with Neilhof and Sarah to “talk about stuff.  Life stuff.”  Now I live a sheltered, 16 year old suburban, Vermont white kid life.  We passed the McDonald’s in Albany on the way to their bus, and they criticized the triple patty burger they had on sale.  I was shocked, as I had been wondering about how good it would be.
So, we’re in the backseat talking about life, and they start talking about how good of a soul they think I am, how it doesn’t matter that I’m alone, bloody and missing a “rock concert” – I was alive and they loved me and God.  God so loved me in fact, that I should leave my family, leave my girlfriend, and leave Albany in their bus.  God wanted me to go to Boston and live in their house, make beeswax candles, share my possessions, etc.  This struck me as odd, and the pressure was intense.
It also struck me that I should get out of there, but they kept going on.  In fact, it went on like an hour and a half, until the end of the show.  I felt so special, so in need to join them and free myself of the prison that my family and society had constructed.
But I also knew they were crazy.  It took a long time to leave, and they looked hurting, beaten, and kind of like I must have looked when I was kicked out.  Neilhof and Sarah were convincing, but not enough.
To end, just know that I got packets of letters from Neilhof, Sarah and their 12 tribes for TWO YEARS.  The other members?  Adults and “their” children all 20 + of them (they are all the community’s children).  Handwritten notes from each kid and adult, telling me that they missed me.  Neilhof and Sarah kept talking about me and how I would love it there, how God loved me, and my family hated me.
Who takes a 16 year old kid from a show and tries to get them to leave their family and be with God?  The 12 tribes.  Crazy ******.  I will post letters someday if I find them.
8/4/2010 Lobotomized hippies, drones, looking to distract more people.  You should think that Hitler was always so out in the open with his plan?  Doubt it!
8/4/2010 A friend went there about ten years ago.  She got paired up and married a guy there.  When she decided to leave they kept her 3 kids and she is currently trying to get them back thru the courts, but they moved them to another state where laws are different than here.  Any group that keeps kids is warped in my opinion.
8/4/2010 There are several other reasons to stay away from the TT …. If you are buying from them or doing business with them you are supporting slave labor ……  They don’t get paid!  All money made at their place of business goes to support “the community.”  This does not mean the surrounding community either, this means Yoneq the super prophet and his followers.
8/17/2010 They are hippie-cries.  They require men to wear a pony tail and beard and women to wear balloon pants or long skirts.  It’s part of their game.
1/11/2011 They are a cult, flat out. Google around and you will read the horror stories.  I was approached and given a pamphlet in Utica after the show.  They actually were at tiny Utica.  They go for people who are alone and look a little spun.  I would have used my standard line “how many points do you get for converting a Jew?”  It actually scares them away.
1/11/2011 This group is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee where I live.  They are a cult who preys on spun kids in times of need.  They have been on Dead Lot for years and now are heavily on Phish lot.  When they are not traveling with the bus to certain music events, festivals, or art gatherings they run a restaurant called the Yellow Deli/Common Ground Cafe/Mate Factor.  There are various Yellow Deli’s across the U.S.  They believe Chattanooga is their mecca from what I’ve been told around here.  All of the members run this restaurant in the cities where that tribe lives.  Community members live in a huge house just down the block.  The tips from service do not go to the servers, but to support their cult leader.
I stopped going to their restaurant when I found this out about the tip share, and when they got one of my best friends kicked out of the city for practicing freedom of speech.  My friend is a glass blower who set up shop at the Chattanooga Market every Sunday for 4 years with his wife and kids.  One Sunday a 12 tribe’s member overheard him saying some things about the 12 tribes that they didn’t like.
When the member asked my friend why he was saying those things he told them.  They really didn’t like what he said and went and tattled to a higher member, who then got a policeman to escort him out and inform him that he was banned from the Market and any other event held on Chattanooga Parks Department land for LIFE.  When asked why, the officer replied “Religious Discrimination.” For simply stating that he did not agree with the 12 tribes showing up on Dead Lot and brainwashing spun out teenagers, these people ruined his life and business.  He is now moving to Asheville to set up shop there and start over.
1/11/2011 They terrorize people into staying in the group and use fear as a means of control.  It’s a sick cult!
2/2011 People this is a cult …. Look up “Twelve Tribes cult” on Google.  They abuse kids, force members to work extremely long days, control days, apparel, media, consumption, privacy.  Do not think these people are “hippies” in any way.
5/2011 Cult ….. Abuse …..disappearing people …..cult ….. abuse of Scriptures …..
7/27/2011 Saw their big bus at the Dead show at Darien Lake in ’04.  I thought it would be cool to check out the bus.  Sat on the top deck chatting with them before I started to get a little weirded out.
When I tried to leave the guy literally put his arm across the aisle and stared right into my eyes and said in the most menacing tone “I think it would really benefit your life if you stayed on the bus with us.”  I got the fear and pushed my way past him never to go back.  I wish I could convey the “distinct look” he gave me, but it was then I realized that they were a cult that preyed on young people (spunions) such as me at the time.
Also, I live in Ithaca now where they have one of their Mate Factor cafes, and I walk past their kitchen window on the way to work every morning.  Children are working inside the cafe.  This must be against the law right?
7/2011 It’s a cult with bases across the world.  They use mind control to abuse weak or desperate people that they use as slaves.  The children are thrashed every day and don’t go to school.  They have no toys, no pets, no TV, no Internet and don’t have the right to kiss or to talk to each other, and no right to see the rest of the family outside the cult.  These guys destroyed my family and we will put the leaders in jail for child abuse.
7/2011 Spriggs has really duped all these people.  Everyone: If you don’t agree with this cult, are against mind control, child abuse, child labor and FOR thinking for yourselves, intelligence, Lol and yes, Common Sense then stop patronizing their businesses: simple as that.
7/27/2011 Phish, Worcester ’97 Bus was parked outside the parking garage.  I got on, had a bowl of noodles.  They gave me a Jewish name, and then I left.  That’s all I got.
7/27/2011 I had a few friends move in with them and never leave.  They have five or seven kids now and some silly names.
7/27/2011 Went to their restaurant once in Hyannis and they would not serve my girlfriend and I our meals until I put my cellphone away.  (I was on vacation and texting work-related stuff).  I think that’s the first time in my life that I didn’t leave a tip for the server.
7/27/2011 I was surprised to find that they own a wooden ship that is docked on the river in Savannah, Georgia.  I have never been there, or seen this ship and was impressed enough to check it out.  When I realized it was free to board, I was like – Heck yeah!  Then, I boarded and saw a placard that said the 12 tribes welcomes you ….. Blown away.  They said they bought it via child fund raising of their organization.  Just bizarre.  The boat is called Peacemaker.  Free lemonade, and brainwashing – step right up!
7/27/2011 We were chilling at Spac and these two kids with a glazed look came up, both with big beards.  They began talking to us, and chatting us up.  All of a sudden they break out the pamphlet and my girl is like “what is this 12 tribes” …… After the kid says yes my girl goes “the only thing I know about you is that you don’t like to get your kids medical attention and every so often one of you gets arrested because your kid died and you buried the baby in the woods.”  ….She then proceeded to berate them until they sheepishly left and wandered off to find someone who was actually a poor spun out sucker who they could spew their garbage to.
7/2011 These people are a CULT with a capital C and are quite dangerous.  They always seem to park near a university and lure in young people.  They are now using the old hippie style and words to lure in young people.  Stay away.  They are NOT hippies.  Just people trying to steal you away from your family and money.
7/28/2011 I ended up on the bus outside MSG during the fall ’94 Grateful Dead run.  Was moderately spun when they started chatting me up, and I was curious to see the inside of the bus.  Spent about 15 minutes in there with these pasty-looking, slightly blank-faced people feeding me cookies and telling me other options besides tour life existed. The inside of the bus was much less colorful than the outside.  Needless to say, I wasn’t lost enough to buy what they were selling and I politely excused myself and went into the show.  I can’t even remember exactly what they tried to say to me, but it wasn’t memorable enough to stay in my memory banks.
7/28/2011 My friend’s girlfriend had an old family camp on Island Pond in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom …… He was staying there one summer about 10 or 15 years ago and kept noticing all of these hippyish young women walking around  town pregnant.  Turns out the 12 tribes is headquartered there.  They like to breed!
7/28/2011 I’ve been on the bus too.  I think it was in ’91 when the GD was in Albany, before I knew what the tribes were all about.  I did find out that they were connected to the GD when they offered their services as a “first aid” outfit.  They used to have a big red cross on the bus and would often offer band aids if you cut your foot and brainwashing if you were tripping too hard.
7/29/2011 I was rather spun after 1/1/2011, and sitting on the ground with some friends on 7th Ave; when a policewoman politely asked us to move along.  I replied, “Could you get me a chair?”  Maybe half a second passed before I realized what an idiotic thing that was and I jumped to my feet worrying she was going to arrest me or beat me with her night stick or something.  Still panicked, I noticed a 12 tribes guy handing out pamphlets walking by us, so I pointed at him and let loose, “arrest him!  They’re a freaky cult like Scientology, and they make you give up all your possessions and cut off contact with your family and work in their coffee fields!!”  The policewoman just giggled and moved along.
7/31/2011 We were behind the 12 tribes bus while leaving Mansfield ’09 and saw the telephone # on the back.  Since we had a long wait in traffic, we called their hotline.  Dude answers (its about 12:30 a.m.) and we start asking dumb questions and kind of ragging on the guy while sounding interested.  The conversation culminated when my friend said he was actually in a cult called the 13 tribes and that they drink cool aide and all that fun *****.   The guy on the line was laughing so I’ll chalk it up as a success.  We laughed the whole time.
11/2011 If you ever see these guys in the Lot, know that they are not Christians in any normal sense.  I would rather wake up in jail than wake up on that bus.  I mean it, these people will totally **** you.  Stay away.
One response to “Peacemaker bus used for recruitment of drug dueled  Phish followers”
Yvette says:
May 8, 2012 at 1:49 a.m.
I have a friend from high school who joined and currently lives in the Hyannis community.  I go to visit her and I can tell they want me to join, but I’m an atheist and it’s never happening.  I’ve spent a lot of weekends there.
They have a weird life.  The “discipline” with the rod is over the top.  I can understand they want to spank their child, but they practice institutionalized abuse.  If the kid doesn’t obey the parent or baptized adult immediately, then they receive two whacks across the butt with the rod.  It’s archaic.  If the kid whines and is sarcastic then they get hit again.  It’s awful.  I think they fail to seek out medical attention because they don’t want doctors to see everything they’ve done to their kids.
I have tried to talk to them about vaccinations as I’m a scientist and this horrifies me.  They say “it’s in God’s hands.”  Then I ask them  “but you wear a seatbelt, right?”  They have no good reasons for this.  If they lived in the middle of nowhere away from where these diseases might lurk, fine, but they work around the public where these diseases may live.  The parents who grew up outside of the community received the vaccinations.  It will suck if the measles or the whooping cough shows up and wipes out the entire generation of children.

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  1. I was a ex member,all I remember is them telling my father,I had the devil in me and needed to be beaten to drive it out.

  2. I tell even “normal christians” where the actual answers actually lay in The Bible; that proves current 97% of Christians are being misled by very smart hype that keeps them separated from God and Jesus. And they can learn this just by reading and avoiding CULTS or fraudulent churches who are there for the $$$ donations only. READ Genesis-2 for the LAW OF GOD for OUR personal obedience, and a full version in Exodus 20-V4… which is more descriptive. Anyhow… Jesus (Yehoshua) never wanted ANYONE to be bamboozled into HIS teachings, but the opposite: that we should EDUCATE ourselves! And the Jews really KNOW what that means.

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