Posts justifying slavery and child abuse appear on Blue Blinds Bakery Facebook page

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By Alban Murtishi,
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on July 11, 2016 at 4:54 PM

Recent posts advocating for the return of slavery and corporal punishment of children have appeared on the Facebook page of The Blue Blinds Bakery in Plymouth leaving some question as to their origins.

The most recent post alleges that the page is being operated by a former employee that endured psychological and physical torture from a religious group he was born into called The Twelve Tribes. They refer to the group as a “cult” that brutally abuses children. They further charge that the controversial material posted on the page exemplifies the beliefs of The Twelve Tribes.

“I was born into the Twelve Tribes, which owns the Bakery, and over the time I grew up there, the things I have posted on this Page were all taught to me as being fundamental truths. Without access to internet or books that carried an opposing view, I knew nothing else,” the latest post reads. “It was only after I left that I started realizing how demented and twisted the views behind this religion are.”

It is unconfirmed if the posts are from the restaurant, a disgruntled employee, or another outside group. Blue Blinds Bakery declined to comment Monday, however, in short phone call to the establishment July 9, someone who identified as Lev said the restaurant is aware of the issue and is trying to resolve it, but that they consider it a prank.

“Right now we are in the process of dealing with it. At the moment we’re not too worried. We’re definitely not hurt in the business; lines have been out here all day. There’s some people who fell for it. It’s pretty ridiculous,” Lev said.

On July 7, the page featured a post that began with, “As promised, let’s talk about the blacks! One of the most frequent questions we get is, “Are you racist?” the answer is no. But we do believe that slavery is necessary. There’s a difference.”

The poster used passages from the Bible to justify the return of slavery.

The post has garnered about 280 shares and 380 comments, many of which condemn the establishment.

Another post published Sunday at 12:22 a.m. featured a similar theme, justifying whipping children with a cane or stick, referring to the act as “child training,” and saying the children “appreciate us for it.”

The post linked to a Daily Mail article that refers to The Twelve Tribes as being a cult that canes children.

“While we can not say what’s written there is incorrect, people erroneously think it means we abuse our children. This is wrong! Our children LOVE discipline! They crave it, just like the blacks crave subservience to Shem and Yapheth,” the post reads.

The Plymouth Police Department said there is no active investigation, and that the Blue Blinds Bakery is currently dealing with the issue themselves.

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