More on Christianity/Quotes from teachings of Spriggs on Christianity

All that Christianity can produce is a false assumption based on a wrong postulation by which a person must draw a wrong conclusion about a puny Jesus called Christ by ignorant and deceived men. – Heresy 1
Christians have no problem serving two masters.  Their god and mammon are completely compatible.  They do not hate one of the two.  They say they love God but they serve mammon, so it cannot be the God of Abraham, but a Christian god, a baal-Jesus. – Confusing Gods, part 2
Every preacher is only speaking with no authority beyond himself.  That is why there is no reconciliation going on. – The Aroma of Messiah
The world can’t see Christians working together in one place because Christians work independently and individually among the Gentiles. The world can’t see the unity, and the love, and the care, and the order, and the cleanliness among them, but they can see all those aspects among us as we work as a team.- They shall run and not grow weary
Christians live as gentiles and so they sacrifice or serve or worship demons but call them god or Jesus.  They have become sharers in demons. – Confusing Gods, part 2
The nicolaitan clergy-laity system is the very fountain head of Satan himself.  It is the abominable practice of Roman and Protestant churches.  As a result, all Christianity is filled with what God hated over 1900 years ago. – Heresy 1
Christianity is the thief.  She became a den of robbers. – Three Eternal Destinies # 97 Those Who Claim To See
Christianity is a man-made religion based on philosophy or mere knowledge which puffs up in the unspiritual mind….  It is a dead religion without love…. – The New Age Movement Philosophy
Christianity is a monstrosity – out of the common order of nature – shockingly, hideously, enormously, irregular in nature and behavior. – Confusing Gods, part 2
The Bible schools train people that the little country churches won’t make them money.  They need to get a job in First Presbyterian downtown.  That’s where the money is.  They hire whoever speaks best, and they go around to churches seeking to find the best preachers. – No Unrighteousness In Us
Christianity is probably worse than any religion in the world today.  Rev. 8:2 talks about how diabolical and demonic Christianity is.  It’s full of all kinds of evil spirits.  They, especially the Catholic church, have been murderers all the way down through history.  …..Her sins are piled up as high as heaven. – Two Kinds of Wisdom
Both Jews and Christians sins are piled up as high as heaven.  They have no high priest or temple (Rev. 18:5).  The house was finally destroyed (Heb. 3:6) as the clergy-laity system was developed.  The nicolaitan system conquered the people.  You can see that God detests every so called meeting of Christian worship with a passion. – Heresy 1
Gnosticism was the beginning of the religion called Christianity at the turn of the first century…. Gnosticism is a word derived from the Greek gnosis, meaning knowledge, which was no more than mental enlightenment.  The very same gnosis that all Christians are converted by today.  Christianity, like most other religions, provides a mental enlightenment to their converts.  All Christians adhere to a mental belief in the essential gospel, as expressed in I Cor. 15:1-5 -Little children, it is the Last Hour
The Christian church is the same as the Jewish religion.  They have no temple, no high priest, no mediator, no advocate with the Father .  No one can be justified by his Jesus or the gospel he preaches, but all are under the law (principle) of religion trying to be justified by the works which they don’t do) of going to church and giving their 10% as the law requires. – Three Eternal Destinies # 49 Overview 2 The Judgment of God
In Rev. 17 and 18 mystery Babylon is none other than Christianity, and Christianity has a god named Jesus-Jesus Christ.  Bel is the god of which Jesus is the anti-type.  Bel Jesus, the god of Babylon/Christianity. – The Walls of Christianity
The problem is that Satan has a “glory” that is an imitation. 2 Cor. 11:2-4, 13-15  You can see it even in movie stars, politicians, and especially television evangelists like Billy Graham.  To the degree an “evangelist” (as an example) has given himself to his own glory and the pursuit of it, so does that “glory” reflect the false Jesus in him.  In his own mind, he thinks he is giving glory to Jesus. – Three Eternal Destinies # 73 Fallen From Glory
For 1900 years the church has been abdicated to Satan.  The true church died and has been in abeyance until the time of the restoration of all things.  All who are in “her” today are without Messiah and are aliens to the commonwealth of Israel.  They are strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope of restoration to God’s image.  They are without God in the world.  They are lost. – The Significance of Passover
Rev. 18:2 is the nature of all Christianity today.  Go to church and see.  All the spiritual degenerates go on Sunday morning to a building they call a church and listen to a liar who loves lying. – Three Eternal Destinies # 155 Social Degeneration
The house of Christianity was built by false apostles and prophets, with Satan himself as the chief cornerstone.  In him (Satan) the whole building rises to become evil temple in Satan being built together to become a dwelling place of demons, a dwelling place in which Satan lives by his spirit. – The Anatomy of the Fall of the First Church
Not one Catholic, the Pope included, and not one Protestant either, has the Holy Spirit.  It’s a house of demons.  They fell in the first century…. – Grumbling and Complaining – A Sin Unto Death
Christianity is the vomit from Yahshua’s mouth – the aftermath of destruction.  One billion today are wallowing in their own vomit…. – Yoneq
The first church was not faithful.  They waned like the moon.  They lost their first love.  They stained their garment.  Only a few maintained their spotless garments and so they waned and were not passing on the Holy Spirit to anyone else. – Breaking of Bread 3/17/90
Christianity paints a false light of unity with diversity. – Desire
Denominationalism is the full blown outcome of the diversity that people tolerated in themselves in the first church.  The first church was not perfected in unity, so Satan started driving wedges between people.  Thus, the outcome is Christianity. – Ahavah
The first church started out being a sheepfold, but the sheepfold turned into a zoo of non-sheep like characters, especially the wolf preachers in sheep’s clothing. – Three Eternal Destinies # 99 Introduction
A person might have no fellowship, but they do things in their own strength, their own flesh.  They’ll do great works and the evil one will even start doing magic through them.  This will go on until even the elect would be deceived if possible.  Christianity is full of this. – Suffering, Thoughts, Revelation 12
Christianity today and yesterday is a brood of ordained liars, taking hordes to the second death.  These liars are ordained by the spirit of Satan – his “ordained ministers.” – Three Eternal Destinies – The God of Christianity is not the God of Creation
The Roman Catholic church with her pope and the Protestant churches with their doctors of divination are not what God had in mind.  But it is what Satan, its federal head, had in mind …. When one heretic was sent away, he simply founded another church and then all men accepted it’s mystical unity and oneness.  Can anyone admit that God did not start the massive religion of Christianity?  James 1:1 describes its decline and the Roman church in its total and absolute apostasy, a murderous religion, along with Calvin and Luther and other Protestant branches of Satan’s tree. – Yoneq
Christianity down through the centuries is reduced to intellectualism – a gymnastic exercise of rote and rot.  Men today are like ants on the kitchen table – where one pours honey to set the trap and they all gather to have their feast – they are wiped out, even as Christianity will be in Rev. 17:16-18. – Three Eternal Destinies # 124 The Enigma of Man
All Christian preachers are liars, inspired by the father of liars, as are all religionists, especially Christian. – Three Eternal Destinies # 143 – The Goodness of God, part 4
Every preacher in Christianity – Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah’s Witness, Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, yes and Lutheran – they’re all sent by the evil one, because 2 Cor. 11:15 says they are.  They even tried to come to true disciples in the first church and betroth them to another husband, by deception-trying to bring them away from the simple devotion to Messiah and loving Him. – The All Inclusive Gospel, part 3 (Without Deceit or Falsehood)
The present condition of the Christian church demonstrates how far Christians are from God, by deviating from the truth of God’s word.  The Bible, as regards its commandments, is very unrealistic to all Christians.  Christianity is merely reaping the cursing that resulted from receiving the other Jesus and the different spirit by their different gospel 1900 years ago- the cursing due to disobedience. – Child Training II part 2: Parental Accountability
Christianity has within her all of God’s enemies, which she cannot put under His feet since she is under Satan’s feet herself, and he is enthroned on her praises. – Receiving a Sent One
The guilt of Christians as well as Jews is piled up as high as heaven since they have no high priest over their fallen house.  Instead they rely upon a “spirit” and a “gospel” and a “Jesus” and a “God.”  Jews and Christians are in the same boat.  That is why worldly people are better than they are; the more religious they become, the more wicked. – Three Eternal Destinies # 8 Sin and Separation
Christianity began after the first church began.  They gave themselves over to the evil one.  It was given over to the enemy who took possession of God’s temple.  Therefore the evil one has been a ruler for 1900 years.  They crucified the very Son of God – YHWH in the flesh.  They killed him!  It proves who is in control of the world – Satan rules the whole world. – The Fall of the First Church
What about Billy Graham?  Has he worked for his own glory all his life?  Absolutely.  There’s no doubt about it.  I have faith to believe that he is a man who has lied to millions of people.  They do not have eternal life.  Do any of his converts know the purpose or will of God on earth?  Are they bringing it about?  Not one person has received eternal life through Billy Graham.  But to the contrary they will go to the Second Death.  “Woe to you when all men speak well of you.” – The All Inclusive Gospel, part 3 (Without Deceit or Falsehood)
But the church became a harlot-Babylon the great.  Where it was something marvelous and wonderful before, where it had the fear of God and the holy angels, yet now it’s become a dwelling place of demons. – The Fall of the First Church
The first church was supplanted by the false apostles.  It was supplanted – it was taken over by false apostles coming in the name of Yahshua, but with a demonic spirit masquerading as true apostles of Messiah. – The Fall of the First Church
The Roman church in name only has existed for 1900 years – only in the sovereignty of YHWH for a demonstration purpose at the end of the age.  It has existed as a harlot and her sins are piled up as high as heaven.  This church along with her daughters – the mother of harlots and the abomination of the earth – the Greek Orthodox, the Lutheran and Protestant churches and Christian ministries and clubs and shows, denominational churches – all who dwell in disunity and division. – Israel I
Billy Graham is the number 1 huckster that most others try to emulate – a peddler of God’s word. – Three Eternal Destinies # 127 The last Judgment
Christianity is not simply a poor representation of the truth; rather; it is a mockery of the truth. – Christianity is a Parody
Christianity is a parody.  A parody is an imitation, a feeble or ridiculous imitation.  A parody is a mockery of another’s work.  It could be done in a poem, song, or a humorous satire.  It is a presentation through an exaggerated imitation, a misrepresentation, a satire, caricature, mockery, irony, ridicule, a joke; it is to mimic, copy, deride, jeer, or impersonate in a joking way.  In Christianity today, Christian theology demands that their interpretations be accepted as authoritative enactment’s of the scriptural verses that made the church what it was in the beginning.  But they have only the dead letter, not living examples to imitate and follow. – Christianity is a Parody
Most of the money sent in to evangelists is from little old ladies (silly and gullible women).  The evangelists “creep in” by means of radio and TV while their husbands are away to work.  These evangelists enter by their doors and bedrooms in their so-called “visitation program.”  These so-called “preachers” are characterized by all kinds of self centered and unnatural perversions, while claiming the power of the Holy Spirit is upon them.  Yet, they deny its power by their hidden motives and self-glory. – The Last Generation
Christianity is a feeble or ridiculous imitation of the first century edah.  They made sport with God’s word.  What they do not live, they must instead merely interpret – which is, as Webster says the act of expounding or unfolding what is not understood or not obvious, as the interpretation of dreams or prophecy.  So much interpretation is required to make the world understand and make themselves believe what cannot be seen or evidenced in their lives. – Christianity is a Parody
Christianity is a fable – just as Easter eggs, Santa Claus, and the manger scene, even the cross has become a fable or myth. – The last Generation
Christianity is a false religion according to the word of God.  Martin Luther said the letter of James was an “epistle of straw.”  All Christians are spotted – soiled by the world.  This happened 1900 years ago.  All Christians who claim to see are blind, you see. – God’s Will

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