12 tribes mind control part 1

Ex-member Rosemary through hers story gives her take on these points of discussion:
What do you mean a cult…they are the loveliest people on earth !
Mind control doesn’t exist, I was in there because I wanted to.
If it was that bad, why didn’t you leave, there are no bars to keep you in…
Children look happy, how could they’re being abused ?

One Comment On “12 tribes mind control part 1”

  1. First of all I spent several years with them.
    A Cult – not really, no more than the Catholic church with its hierarchy, dress code, ceremonies & thoughts on who goes to “heaven”.
    Mind control – that depends on your point of view. You have to follow their rules & standards some of which are debatable. That’s where the buck stops – you cannot debate them .. period!.
    Their “leaders” are not to be questioned and most tend to be very understanding.
    Unfortunately like in any worldly environment, some of them tend to have high regards for themselves and they assume their directions are not to be questioned.
    I suspect that this is the reason many have left.
    There is obviously a general consensus that they are the chosen ones but there again most religions probably have the same thoughts.
    Their views on child rearing and the spanking issue could fill volumes so I cannot really comment. Children are routinely “spanked” with a specific implement for just about any situation regarded as “rebellion” or “resistance”. Those who have been there a long time seem to be generally well adjusted as teens & young adults. However if the law says that you cannot do this then you risk the consequences.
    In any event, they are a “spiritual community”, they make that quite clear so if you think of joining, you have to buy into the whole program and leave your “self” at the door.

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