12 Tribes France TV Doc 2007 English Subtitles

This documentary was aired on French TV in 2007. The original title, translated reads: Children under cults mind control. It is in total more than 1 hour long with the first section on the 12 Tribes being in total 32 mns and the rest being dedicated to investigate the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization.  The whole documentary was uploaded into 6 parts. The section on 12 Tribes takes up the whole of the 1/6, the whole of 2/6 and first half of 3/6.

The second half of 3/6,  4/6, 5/6 and 6/6, all on JWs have not been subtitled. All 6 original sections can be found here from this link

link to transcript: here

link to transcript:here

transcript linked: here

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  1. I know this documentary and that guy you see first who talks about correction and discipline. He has ” corrected” his children so well that today his first son who is over 18 is not in the cult, he left with many others. Now only his girls and one boy who is 15 are in the community. This boy cant wait to leave and be with his brother. He also has a little boy, the one you see, Anav. And the guy who menaces to break the camera he was a sheperd but has left 3 or 4 years ago. And last week his daughter 12 or 13 years old has gonwe to live with her dad. By the way in many old documentaries, many of the people there have left, I have noticed that the 12 use old footage with all these people who for many have left, just to show what a paradise it is and to do their shit proseletising. It is only a facade to attract sheep.

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