Samie Brosseau

“My worst day as a free soul is far better than my best day in captivity.” Samie Brosseau runs Liberation Point, a charitable organization that helps people who come out of cults integrate into society: Here are the links to articles and videos about Samantha  (Samie) Brosseau, from more recent to older June 2018: A&E…

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How Inside Edition Producer Went Undercover to Expose Suspected Child Labor at New York Commune

Source: Inside Edition 7 June 2018 What does it take to go undercover to investigate suspected wrongdoings? Inside Edition producer Zara Lockshin was assigned to investigate claims of child labor at businesses owned by a religious sect called the Twelve Tribes. She discovered children as young as 6 working at the group’s farm in Cambridge, N.Y….

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Twelve Tribes documentary 2015 from Spain

Here is the complete documentary with embedded English subtitles that takes us to the Spanish community. Following the 2013 raid of the German community and the state of Bavaria putting all their children in the care of foster parents and in youth state centers, there is a strong concern that the same childabuse which was…

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Twelve Tribes: The Church Preached Child Abuse & Slavery

Source: The daily beast Luke O’Neil 07.17.16 2:01 PM ET According to ex-members of Twelve Tribes who spoke to The Daily Beast, children are regularly beaten and leaders preached “slavery is necessary.” Now, an escapee has taken over the Facebook page of the Plymouth bakery run by the commune so he can broadcast its ills….

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Posts justifying slavery and child abuse appear on Blue Blinds Bakery Facebook page

Souce: MassLive By Alban Murtishi, Follow on Twitter on July 11, 2016 at 4:54 PM Recent posts advocating for the return of slavery and corporal punishment of children have appeared on the Facebook page of The Blue Blinds Bakery in Plymouth leaving some question as to their origins. The most recent post alleges that the page…

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