Kate Wiseman interview on Phish female fans radio

PART 1 OF INTERVIEW aired on October 13, 2019 Content Warning: This episode contains true stories of severe abuse Part one- 12 Tribes Cult- Interview with Kate Wiseman (ex-member), daughter of Ed Wiseman, the co-founder of the 12 Tribes Cult. Hear Kate’s experience of being born, bred and raised within this cult for 30 years….

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The Yellow Deli Twelve Tribes Communists

Source:  Nehemiah’s Wall Posted on June 27, 2018    In this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Yellow Deli ‘Twelve Tribes’ Communists, I sat down with two members of a Tennessee commune who keep the Sabbath, feasts, and eat “Biblically clean”. As I enjoyed a delicious cup of their coffee, we discuss replacement theology, the verses…

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Ex-member interviewed about his new book

April 2018: Interviewed by Sea to Sea (a youtube program of mystery and paranormal) Sinasta Colucci has a  candid but serious long look at his experiences as a “disciple of Yahshua”. He shares his insights with lightheartedness and invites us to read his newly published book: “Better than a Turkish prison, what I have learned…

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EXCLUSIF | L’ancien adepte de la communauté de Sus à l’origine de l’enquête se confie à France Bleu Béarn

Source: Le Bearn Bleu 17 Juin 2015 Article et radio interview exclu par Daniel Corsand, France Bleu Béarn Mercredi 17 juin 2015 à 15h26 Né au château de Sus, cet ancien adepte de la communauté, y a vécu jusqu’à sa majorité. Le jeune homme raconte son enfance, son adolescence, les sévices et aussi les raisons…

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Ex-member of the community in Sus behind the investigation confides in France Bleu Béarn

Source:France Bleu Béarn Exclusif par Daniel Corsand, France Bleu Béarn Wednesday, June 17, 2015 at 3:26 p.m. Born at the Chateau de Sus, a former member of the community, lived there until he came of age. The young man recounts his childhood, his adolescence, abuse and also the reasons for his departure, while on Tuesday, ten people belonging…

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The Jungian Psychology behind the Twelve Tribes Cult

Part One An Interview I did with Darryl Verville, an excellent (and highly rated) program focusing on the Jungian psychology behind groups like the Twelve Tribes. Darryl speaks in a frank way about his personal experiences with the Twelve Tribes. It should be noted that Darryl also has extensive background with intentional communities, tribal clans…

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